Meme - I really love those M's

I really love those "M's"

The lovely Rebecca at The Book Lady's Blog posted a fun meme (which she got from Trish who got it from Sizzlesays who got it from...) in which you are assigned a random letter and must name 10 things you love that start with that letter. I decided to play and Rebecca assigned me - M.

Big m, little M, what begins with M.

Why Matrimony of course - The state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life. I love being married to Father and never having to worry again about who I'm going to be spending my mornings or nights with. Wedding bliss is bliss.

Motherhood comes in 2nd. I love being a mother. My son keeps me on my toes, tests my patience and tests my knowledge, but also teaches me a great deal about life as well.

Mine: I love mine - my husband, my son, my cats, my house, my business, my books, my LIFE!

Maturation. What, you say? What can she love about that? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary it is the process of becoming mature; the emergence of personal and behavioral characteristics through growth processes; the achievement of intellectual and emotional maturity. I will be turning 50 this year - November, in fact and actually looking forward to it. Simply because I like blowing people away - we have young looking genes in our family, thanks mom and dad. When I was 21 and someone thought I was 12, I really hated it. But I'm loving it now. As I grow older and wiser, the less I feel the need to impress people or worry about what others think. Maturity is a beautiful thing.

Matriculation - I love learning and have gone back to school, an online school to be exact, in order to fit it into my schedule.

Massages -- Oh, baby I love massages and my husband loves to accommodate me.

Monet - I love art and my most favorite artist of all is Monet. I have a wonderful screen saver with a slideshow of all of Monet's painting. I dream of going to France and visiting his house and gardens.

Mayo and mustard - Yep, I love mayonaise and mustard. I couldn't possibly eat a sandwich without spreading either on the bread.

Movies - who could possibly not love movies. Especially those by M. Night Shyamalan: The Village, Unbreakable, Sixth Sense, Signs, The Lady in the Water. I haven't seen The Happening yet. That's next in my netflix queue.

I love the words Many and More. Why? Because I have many, many, many books, but I want more, more, more. You can never have enough books.

James contribution is he loves "Mario" from his super mario galaxy wii game.

Father's contribution is microphones. He is in the process of designing a microphone preamplifier circuit and has microphones on the brain.

That is it for my marvelous, magnificent, magnified, majestic, magniloquent, monumental, magnum opus. So, what about you - do you want to play along? If you do, leave a comment and I will assign you a letter. Then, so on and so on and so on.


  1. Great list! M was an easy one for you. I love Monet, massages, matriculation, and mustard (hate mayo), and I do love maturation. I'm a few years older than you, but getting older has always seemed an adventure to me; I love my birthdays!

  2. Great list! I love mustard and mayo too and Monet is one of my fave artists.

  3. Excellent list! I'm with you on most of those, except the mayo and mustard!

  4. You have some awesome M's there, Robin :-)


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