Book Review # 16 - Destiny Kills

Destiny Kills

Myth and Magic Book 1

Keri Arthur

Excerpt Chapter 1 - page 1

"Some things I remembered. Some things I couldn't. Like who I was. Or why I was sitting naked on a beach next to a dead man.

And yet I knew why I was here. I was waiting for the dawn to give him a final kiss good-bye before she guided his soul on to its next life.

The breeze that curled around me was cold, as cold as the sand was harsh. And yet these sensations were a fleeting thing. Goose bumps might tremble across my skin, and sand might grate against my buttocks and thighs, but both failed to register on anything more than a flesh level. I felt no cold, no pain, no sorrow.


I read those first few passages of Destiny Kills and was hooked -- totally, utterly and completely. I fell into the story and it carried me away into the land of Destiny McCree and master thief Trae Wilson. Destiny is a sea dragon, more at home in the sea than on land. Trae is an draman - half human, half air dragon the result of his air dragon father and a human consort. They combine forces, trying to stay one step ahead of the hunters and scientists on a quest to free Destiny's mother and other dragons who have been kidnapped and held for study.

Destiny Kills is a paranormal romance published by Bantam Dell, Division of Random House Publishing. Keri Arthur is a first time read and I have found another author to add to my growing list of writers I like. I really like her writing style and look forward to reading to reading Full Moon Rising, the first book in her Riley Jensen guardian series.


  1. I like paranormal romance books and this one sounds pretty good!!!

  2. Sounds very interesting! Definitely not expected. I can see how it caught you.


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