Sunday Salon # 1

I started reading "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire last night and made it half way through the book. For all those who have read the book I'm at the part where Boq went to the philosophy club. All I can say right now is... hmm!

I finished and reviewed "Salvation in Death" by J.D. Robb. Good series and look forward to the next one. I made a promise to myself not to start a new book until done with writing a review of the last one. A challenge that will slow down my reading, but that's a good thing.

I joined in on another challenge 52 books in 52 weeks proposed by one of the ladies of the homeschool forum - Well Trained Mind. The challenge is exactly what it sounds like - read one book a week for 52 weeks. Many of the ladies don't blog, so I came up with a group blog for all to use appropriately called 52 Books in 52 Weeks. Since the challenge just started on the first, everyone is in the midst of reading their first books. The ladies will start posting their reviews soon.

Today is the start of my goal to read the bible in one year. I found a great bible reading plan that divides the days into the main types of genres: Gospels, Law, History, Pslams, Poetry, Prophecy and Epistles.
Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Matthew 1-2 Genesis 1-3 Joshua 1-5 Psalms 1-2 Job 1-2 Isaiah 1-6 Romans 1-2

What makes this interesting is that I found from reading Bodie Thoene's Ad Chronicles that it really personalized the bible for me. The chronicles follow the stories of the bible and bring to life the characters of the bible. In Fourth Dawn, it told the story of Mary and Joseph. While I was reading Matthew 1 and 2 today, I remembered the conversation Joseph had with the angel about Mary, once he found out she was pregnant.

Father, James and I had a great discussion last night about the different genres in the bible. It all made better sense to Father than just reading straight through from the old to new testaments. We will all benefit from the Genres study. Into Thy Word had a great article outlining the different Genres types of literature.

My Art history class starts tomorrow - Art History since the 15th Century. Week 1 covers an introduction to the Italian Renaissance and 15th Century Italian Architecture. While I was online downloading the course information today, discovered Excelsior is offering a Modern Fiction course next quarter, covering modernist american and british literature from the 1890 to 1940's. Yeah! I'm there.

Working up lessons plans today for the week. Going to start incorporating the Outdoor Hours Challenge so I will be doing my homework today reading the Handbook of Nature Study and planning a nature walk with James.

I finally got my house back in order. Took down all the Christmas stuff and removed the tree. The boy scouts picked it up yesterday, which is very handy. I didn't have to haul it anywhere or sawzal it to toss in the green waste bin. I was going to tackle the outdoor lights today, but it is very cold and yucky. The neighbors all managed to take down their stuff on New Years Day. They are just too organized. I can manage taking down all the net lights from the front fence. We have a string of lights over the garage and they are just going to have to stay there. I'm not going up on our rickety ladder, not after Father's accident. No sirree.

Father is going back to the doctor on Tuesday for another xray and check up. We'll find out how much the bone has healed and how much longer he is going to have to stay off of it. I'm still thinking they are going to have to do surgery to pin the bottom part of the bone that was displaced. If you haven't seen the first xray, look here.

So, today's agenda is to do the grocery shopping, plan out lessons for the week, play wii with James, rub poor Father's foot, watch Hello Dolly and finish reading Wicked. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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  1. Wow-sounds like you're busy!! I really enjoyed Wicked, but I remember it took me a little bit to get into. :)


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