Faith 'n Fiction Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Amy at My Friend Amy's for Christians to get together and talk about fiction published from a Christian worldview. The Christian market has grown by leaps and bounds and there is truly something for everyone.

I've pretty much lurked for this meme every weekend and have had fun and been enlightened by all participants who join in Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays. I decided to finally join in this weekend.

Today's Question:
You have a good friend who is a devoted Christian and voracious reader. He or she, however, tried to read a Christian fiction book in the past and found it to be too preachy and unrealistic. Your friend wants to try it again and has asked you for a recommendation. Their favorite genre of book is what is considered literary fiction. What book would you recommend to them?

You also have a friend who is not a Christian but wants to read fiction that is considered clean without being too Christian. They have asked you if there are Christian fiction books that might meet their reading needs. They are interested in romance and novels. What book would you recommend to them?

Literary Fiction - I had to look up the definition and it basically separates the 'serious' fiction from the not so serious fiction. So, literary fiction would be whatever I would interpret it to be according to my idea of serious fiction. My idea of literary fiction would be anything written by Bodie and Brock Thoene starting with the Zion Covenant Series.

For the friend who isn't a christian and would like to read something clean without being too christian, I would recommend stories by Cathy Marie Hake such as Fancy Pants or Letter Perfect in her California Historical series. All fun reads without being too preachy. Also Dee Henderson's O'Malley series or something by Tracie Peterson like her Alaskan Quest series. If the friend is into suspense thrillers, then I would, of course, recommend Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti.

What would you recommend?


  1. The O'Malley series is the perfect answer for the person who isn't a Christian; why didn't I think of that? I don't like Dekker, so I wouldn't suggest his books, but your other authors are good ideas too. I'm glad you joined in. Happy Faith ‘n Fiction Day.

  2. You've listed some great options...and some that I'll be adding to my list!

  3. You are so right about the O'Malley series...drats why did I not think of that :) haha!

    I loved the book Fancy Pants :)

  4. Cathy Marie is one of my all time favorite authors! Tracie Peterson is one author who's never failed me! Dekker & Peretti are perfect of the suspense crowd.

    ~Mimi B @ Woven by Words

  5. I'm so glad you joined in! I love the O'Malley books :)

  6. We gave some of the same recommendations! I have not read the Zion Covenant series.

  7. Dee Henderson is a great choce. I love her books.

  8. Love the Thoene's books - great thought :)


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