Booking Through Thursday - The Best of 2008

Deb at Booking through Thursday asks:

It’s a week or two later than you’d expect, and it may be almost a trite question, but … what were your favorite books from 2008?

(It’s an oldie but a goodie question for a reason, after all … because, who can’t use good book suggestions from time to time?)

What were my favorite books from 2008? I discovered a lot of new authors - well new to me - in 2008 and went on a reading binge. I read a variety of genres including christian, romance, suspense, fantasy and detective novels.

My favorite book by christian author, Brandilyn Collins is Dark Pursuit. I thought I had it figured out who the killer was in the middle of the book. I was wrong and boy was I surprised. I think Collins will give Ted Dekker a run for the money in the suspense department.

Bodie Thoene runs a close second with the Ad Chronicles which gives life to the characters in the bible and tells their story, from the blind beggar to mary and Joseph to Jesus. These stories will make you look at the bible in a whole new light.

My favorite detective novel was actually a series. The In Death Series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) A series about a futuristic female homicide detective. There are currently 27 novels in the series with more to come. Very addictive.

If I had to narrow down what my favorite romance novel was it would have to be one written by Nora Roberts - Jewels of the Sun which is book one of the Irish Trilogy. The characters come to life and you don't want the story to end.

My favorite suspense novel is a tie between Karen Rose's I'm Watching You and Elizabeth Lowell's "The Wrong Hostage".

I discovered numerous authors in 2008 and plan on reading more of their books: Cherry Adair, Allison Brennan, Patricia Briggs, Lorna Barrett, Cleo Coyle, Roxanne St. Clair, Michelle Gagnon, Cait London, Marliss Melton, Susan Meissner, Mariah Stewart, Debra Webb, and Rebecca York. But not all this year. I do plan on slowing down a little bit.

Click here to see what is on the list for this year so far.

Happy Reading!


  1. You have some good choices there, I do like the sound of 'In Death Series'.

  2. I thought I had Dark Pursuit figured out too and was wrong! I love the In Death series.

  3. I love the In Death books (I'm sure I've told you that before).

    I may have to try one of your suspense novels both are new to me.

  4. I'm hoping to read something by Nora Roberts/JD Robb this year - she's been recommended by so many bloggers. Your list for 2009 is really impressive - lots of good reading there!

  5. I love Nora's books that take place in Ireland!!

  6. I still haven't read any Thoene books! Sad, isn't it? I finally went and bought one to put on my shelf though so maybe in 2009!

  7. Interesting choices! I wish you a fantastic year of reading. :)

  8. I'm thrilled to have made the cut, Robin! A great list- my tops of this past year were Tana French's first two books (In the Woods and The Likeness), Chelsea Cain's debut Heartsick, Brunonia Barry's The Lace Reader, and Jason Starr's The Follower. I know I'm forgetting a slew of them (always so hard to remember what I read last January!) but those leap to mind...


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