Wordless Wednesday

Early Morning Fog

Conehead Cat

And Wall-e

What does your Wednesday look like?


  1. Cute cat. I hope he/she's better soon :-)

  2. We had fog this morning also. But we have no cat. We watched Aladdin. So a lot like your. teehee

  3. Kitties look so cute with cones. :) And I'm pretty tired of fog. :)

  4. Okay, so the day was dreary and foggy. No one felt like doing anything, especially the cat who had been de-clawed. So, you decided to scrap the day and watch Wall-E. Am I close?

  5. LOL Dangie. Nope not quite.

    First fog of the year. I love fog as long as I don't have to drive in it.

    Poor Melvin had been fixed or as the doctor put it, castrated. Much to my husband's chagrin. He wanted them to use a different word. Mel, (not my husband) was licking his nether regions too much and breaking open the incision, hence the cone.

    Wall-E because my son has been dying for us to buy the movie ever since it come out in the theaters. It was released tuesday, so after we rushed through lessons, we watched it.

    More information that you wanted to know, but there it tis.


  6. I hope you enjoyed the fog!


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