49th Birthday

I had a very nice birthday yesterday. I had a very relaxing day, spent working on my story. But James and I also did a little Friday housework clean up, vacuuming and doing laundry.

Father came home early from work and We went out to dinner at Black Angus.I had prime rib and lobster tail. It was delicious. Father had prime rib and James had a hamburger with french fries. Father bought
this for my birthday

A Kodak easyshare Z1015 Digital Camera to replace my old beat up Easyshare that has been dropped a million times. I will give the old one to James. This one is really neat with 15 x optical lens with image stabilization and fast click to capture speed of .20 speed. It also does video and works in HD. It has lots of neat features. It arrives on Monday from Amazon.

Friday evening I managed to finish "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie. Will post review of story soon.

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