Do I have Patience?

I wanted to buy Father some record shelves for his office. He has a huge collection of records and I wanted something nice to put them in. I found this record stand by Sefour at and ordered 4. They arrived within a week of purchasing them. We received the 4 huge boxes and I put them together (very easy) and dragged them into Father's office and filled them with records. When he came home from work:

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, he was pleased and surprised.

Unfortunately 4 wasn't enough and we needed two more. So I thought I would buy 2 more for a Christmas present.

I did on December 12, 2007.

They just arrived today.......

I couldn't find these stands anywhere else, you see. So the dealer notified me that they were backordered for a couple months. Okay, I said we will wait. Couple months later, I am notified that the stands are still backordered. Sefour, the manufacturer is in England and I guess they had a gazillion orders or are just really slow to make these things. So every couple months I get a email with the question, "Do you still want?" Yes, Yes and Yes.

Finally, I received notice that they are on the way. YEAH! The UPS driver appears a the door this afternoon. "Is your husband home?" is the first question. "What are these things?" the 2nd.

It turned out he doesn't have a dolly on the truck and these things weigh 61 pounds each. So the two of us lug in the boxes. I get to go backwards the first time. I make him go backwards the 2nd time.

Of course, as soon as the boxes come in the door, what do James and the cats do.

Father and James get to put them together tomorrow.

You just gotta have patience!

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