It never fails!

Yesterday on my way to the grocery store, I stopped by Berean Christian Books. As I perused the children's devotional section, I found this great book

The One Year Book of Real Life Encounters with God by Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The book has 365 devotions that ask questions such as: why does god let bad things happen? or why should I obey God when other don't?. I looked through the book and was really impressed with it.

January: God the Father
February: God the son
March: God the Holy Spirit
April: Victory
May: God's word and me
June: Witnessing
July: Worshiping God
August: Obeying God
September: Living for God
October: Trusting God
November: Taking a Stand
December: What I believe

What really sold me was when I looked at September 15 because if I got the book that would be our starting point.

September 15: How can I be patient?
September 16: What does God say about anger?
September 17: Is it ever right to be angry?
September 18: How can I have self control:
September 19: What does God say about Kindness

It really struck a cord, because these are all issues we are working on right now. The book also have a place to record thoughts each day, prayer starters, collection of memory verses and end of the month activities. So I had to get it. I had already ordered Devotions kids from, which is on the way. I'll either find a way to incorporate the two or return it or maybe just send it on to booksamaritan.

I also purchased "Bibleman: lambasting the legions of Laziness" dvd. We've never watched any of the bibleman series so I thought it might be interesting for James.

And for myself

Sinner by Ted Dekker. His books always give me the chills but they are great reads.

Seventh Day, book # 7 in the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie Thoene

Brink of Death by Brandilyn Collins

I'll probably save these for the fall reading challenge.

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