Crazy Cats

Crazy Cats

We picked up Luna from the vet Thursday morning. She was pretty sleepy after having been spayed, plus getting her annual vaccination and they flushed her ears because of ear mites. We got her home and I took her out of the cat carrier. She walked slowly over to Melvin who just looked at her and went about his business. She wandered down the hall and ran into Gracie and suddenly all heck broke loose. Gracie suddenly arched her back and got all bristly as if she were going to attack Luna. I quickly picked up Luna and jumped out of the way as Gracie had upset Melvin who suddenly arched in hump back, fur sticking out all over the place mode. They raced every which way peeing all over my hallway and master bedroom carpet.

What the????

Father quickly call the vet to find out why our cats were suddenly going crazy, while I took Luna into James bedroom out of harms way. Evidently Gracie didn't like the way Luna smelled.. She didn't recognize her smell and thought a strange cat was in the house and scared the pee out of her. The vet said to put the kitties outside or in another room and let Luna roam the house spreading her smell again.

We sent the kitties outside on the patio with James to supervise while we cleaned up all the pee trails on the carpet. I have to say the Woolite Pet Oxygen worked quite well, since none of the kitties have gone back and done their business anywhere except the litter boxes.

After we were done cleaning up, Luna came out into the kitchen and we left the patio door open with the screen closed. The three stooges kept coming up to the screen and smelling Luna. We let Herbie in first and he sniffed Luna all over and went about his business. One down, two to go. Melvin came in and much more cautious, but eventually sniffed Luna and went off to play. Gracie was still bristling every time she came up to the door, so I went out and soothed her. Had a nice one to one girl talk with miss thing when she hissed at me. We ended up putting her in the cat carrier that Luna had been in and let her sniff that a while. Then we brought her into the kitchen. Luna and the two boys sniffed around the carrier and played. Gracie somehow got herself out of the carrier and just decided to stay away from Luna. She preferred that to getting sprayed with Dr. No.

Needless to say, after everyone calmed down and taking another shower, I was two hours late to work. Good thing I'm one of the bosses.

Luna spent the night in our room and this morning the 3 stooges have calmed down quite a bit. Gracie still won't go anywhere near Luna, but the two boys have given her a nose nuzzle or two.

It will be interesting to see what happens when we bring the 3 stooges home after being fixed.

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