West of Mars - Win A Book

Book Giveaways

I discovered an interesting website the other day. West of Mars - Win a Book
Susan Helene Gottfried and several other ladies have gotten a blog together that lists all the neat contests and free books out in blog land. Just follow the links from their site and enter to win ebooks, free books, contests and what not.

For example: Katrina at Stone Soup is having a book giveaway that lasts through Sunday. She is letting two winners chose a book from her current bookshelf. Just head over to her blog and click on the bookshelf. Then leave a comment letting her know your 1st and 2nd choices.

Keep an eye on West of Mars - you just may win something.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention and the link love! It's much appreciated from our end.

  2. What SHE said! ;-)

    I give away at least one book every Monday, so pop in now and then.

    Thanks again!


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