Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary today. Father, James and I went out to dinner at the Pilot House restaurant on the Delta King docked in Old Sacramento. I enjoyed a filet mignon with garlic potatoes, Father had rack of lamb and James had a burger. Father and I shared a piece of cappuccino cheesecake which was absolutely yummy. James decided he would have some nestle crunch when we got home. We wandering down the pier watching the boats as they went up and down the river. Then we came home and Father opened his present. The 11th anniversary is supposed to be steel so I purchased an elegant champagne ice bucket to replace his old one. Father didn't quite finish working on my gift - dremeling a piece of steel into the shape of a heart. He gets quite inventive when it comes to anniversary gifts. He will finish it today and I'll have to figure out how to display it.

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