One year Blogoversary

Who'd of thunk it?

I have been at this blogging business for a year now and have written 200 posts. I didn't know I could be so verbose. Growing up, I was always the quiet one in the family with not much to say --- or so they thought. I just couldn't get a word in edgewise. Father and James are also quite talkative but I have learned to say "It's my turn" or "Let me finish, please." Quick minded people have a tendency to think they know what you are going to say and finish your sentences. Of course, Father and I are so in tune, he will look at me and I'll answer the unasked question.

We sat down to watch the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean and just as it began, he paused it and looked at me.

I answered "No, I don't."

Of course, he scoffs "you don't even know what I was going to say."

"Oh certainly - do I remember what happened in Pirates 2?. Start the movie."

Shakes his head and restarts the movie. In the course of the movie, both of us decide it may be necessary to go back and watch pirates 2 because we don't remember a whole heck of lot of the plot. When I mentioned it to one of my employees, he tells me not to bother. It won't help. Oh well. Did I digress?

That's what comes from being in a talkative family. When it's your turn, you may mumble, babble, spit it out quickly or just look at them and get an "I love you" and all is right with the world.

Happy Blog Anniversary to ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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