Father's 20th Anniversary as business Owner

Congratulations - Father!!!!

We are celebrating Father's 20th anniversary as owner of our business. He bought the business from his former employers and escrow closed on April 1, 1988. Father turned the business around and it has outlasted many of the other electronic repairs shops in town. Since we are a warranty service station for many manufacturers, we have customers from all over the united states. Between Father and our genius technicians, he established a reputation for being one of the best in the business. Can you tell I'm proud.

I went out and purchased some congratulations Balloons and a bottle of Dom Perignon. I wanted to set it up on the front desk so when he walked into the shop he would see it. However we have a rather sensitive security system and the balloons would have set off the motion detector during the night. We put the balloons down between the file cabinets and one of my early arriving employees would put the bouquet on the desk. However Father decided to go into work a little earlier than usual and surprised R. R made him stay in the back until he put the balloons and champagne on the desk. He was surprised and pleased nontheless.

Of course, I couldn't tell him until afterwards that in buying the balloons, I gained another prospective customer. The gentleman at the balloon kiosk was typically curious about what occasion I was getting balloons. When I explained, he was thrilled to find out we are a Fender authorized servicer.

We will be sharing the bottle of Dom here at home as none of my employees drink - imagine that - and it wouldn't have been appropriate to greet customers a little tipsy. ( Oh yeah - we do good work -- hiccup )


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