Wordless Wednesday --- NOT!

James and Mom to the rescue!

Lovely Luna

Poor little birdy

I was peacefully sleeping in James' bed this morning... Why? Well, he had a bad dream in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with us. I can't sleep with two hot bodies so moved to his bed. Any who, James comes in to tell me Luna has caught a bird's egg. I jump out of bed and see Luna on the patio chewing on something. At first glance it looks like an egg which she has broken open. Out the door I go to save whatever it is. She had her mouth wrapped around the little fella above. I chased Luna around the patio, caught her and made her drop the bird. I scooped up the poor thing and took her inside. James and I had the experience of getting up close and personal with the bird and checked her out thoroughly. Stunned and breathing.

You could tell the minute she came out of it.... Her eyes darkened and she looked at me
and chirped, her claws grasped my finger. I get the bright idea -- let's go show dad before we let her go. As soon as we got into the bedroom, she starts to try to fly and chirps at me. She did actually take flight for 10 seconds and landed back on my sweater. We took her outside and she took off over the fence for freedom. YEAH!!!!!

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