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We had the pleasure of watching the lunar eclipse Thursday. I was in the middle of cooking pasta when Father calls to tell us to look outside. We scurry out front and watch for a couple minutes. I took a couple shots with my kodak. Then went in and drained the pasta and set it aside. Grabbed the Nikon and took a few shots. Fiddled with settings, fiddled with lenses, fiddled some more and went back for the Kodak. Every time I use the dang Nikon I tell myself "I need to read the darn manual." Then self forgets of course, until the next time self tries to use the camera again. I am mechanically inclined, yet for some reason this camera and I don't seem to get along. Why is that?

Then for the sake of actually enjoying the lunar eclipse, we slipped out back on the dark patio after dinner and had a great view of the reddish moon. James was very excited to see the lunar eclipse. He gets excited when ever we witness a celestial event. Speaking of which - I introduced him to Star Wars!

Yep. I purchase Star Wars IV the new hope which is the very first star wars to come out back in the 70's. Now I am Darth Vader and get to be killed every night by Luke Skywalker as we battle with our light sabers. The things a mother will do for her child.

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