News of the Day: Daylight Savings Pushed Back One Week

Surprise! Daylight Saving Pushed

Back One Week by 2005 Energy Conservation Act

If you turned your clocks back one hour one hour Sunday morning thinking it was the annual move back to Standard Time, all you succeeded in doing was moving into a new time zone.
The move from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time doesn't happen this year until the first Sunday in November, instead of the usual last Sunday in October.
That means computer software, cellphones and other electronic equipment that is programmed to automatically change will have to be manually reset Monday morning back to Daylight Saving Time, then changed back one hour next Sunday.
President Bush in 2005 signed the Energy Conservation Act, which pushed back the time change in an effort to squeeze just a little more daylight — and a bit of energy savings — into the daily lives of Americans.
The legislation also changed the "spring forward" to Daylight Saving Time, which next year will be on March 9.
Government estimates place the overall energy savings at just over 1 percent.

I was aware of this and didn't change my clocks. My laptop adjusted the time and confused me for all of an hour before realizing what the problem was.

However, my body and mind which has been programmed these past 40 years to the time change, felt like the time had changed. I was having that jet lag feeling you get with the time change and we were all so tired yesterday. It really felt like we had already changed the clocks.

How weird is that!

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