Book Review: Silver Tower




This was one of my used book store finds. Dale Brown actually lives here in the Sacramento Valley and is a very prolific writer. He writes high tech military thrillers which are rich with detail. I happen to be into those types of books and find the technical part of the stories fascinating. Dale is a former U.S. Air Force captain and has participated in numerous air war scenarios. I know what those are like because my dad attended the air war college in Alabama for one year and it was quite intense for him.

Silver Towers is an older book published back in 1988; Pre Dreamland series and pre Middle East crisis. It is set in 1992 and the United States is allied with IRAN. The Soviet Union is about to launch an invasion against Iran and we have to protect them. Our only hope is Silver TowerAmerica’s first permanent military space station with high tech laser defense system.

The only gripe I have is with the characters. In his Dreamland series and other books, you get to know the characters intimately. In Silver Tower, he skates just above the surface with out much detail, so you really don’t get drawn into them as much. The finite detail goes into the space station and other military hardware. So, when a couple of the characters fall in love, you really didn’t see it happening. Great for the guys who don’t like all that mushy stuff. LOL!

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