My Education: Science and Religion Midterm

It's midterm time for my Science and Religion Class. I have 5 essay questions to answer and post by Monday October 22 at 11:55 p.m. Eastern time.

The Midterm

Provide clear answers to each question below. Include a defense of your answer by appeal to the specific passage or page number from one of the required texts of this course. As always, write clearly and coherently.
  1. What were the three broad types of responses (approaches) within the Christian tradition of biblical interpretation to the Copernican models of the universe?

  2. How exactly is the movement known as “Deism” motivated by the scientific discoveries of Isaac Newton? That is, precisely what aspects of Newton’s mechanistic worldview offer support to advocates of Deism?

  3. How exactly did Darwin’s theory of evolution challenge traditional Christian teachings about the origins of life?

  4. Based on the doctrines of logical positivism, does the statement “God is all-powerful” have any possible meaning (that is, could be true or false)? If so, how is that meaning determined? If not, why not? Include in your answer the relevant doctrine of logical positivism.

  5. What exactly are the three major approaches to the question of God’s action on earth? Be specific and make sure that you identify the similarities and differences among these three approaches.
So, I am off to think and write and think and write some more. If you see anything else posted such as a book review or something, it's because I needed a break from all that thankin'


  1. Hope the thinking and writing is going well!

  2. WOW! That will be an awesome project. I hope you post your answer.


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