Wonderful, wacky, wild, wooly, windless, Wordy Wednesday

We are all so excited since in a week we will be leaving for New York. Since Father is the vice chairman of the Sacramento AES group, we decided he should go and he had to take us with him. I couldn’t have him going to New York without us…so this will be a first for Father, James and I. We are looking forward to it, but in the meantime I have to get busy writing because Project 1 for my science and religion class is due October 7th .

Project 1 involves selecting one of three landmark cases of science: The Copernican and Galileian Controversies, The Mechanistic Universe of Newton and Deism or The Darwinian Controversy AND providing an analysis in which you show through persuasive arguments that the case supports a confrontational model or non confrontational model of science and religion. I think I will go with Newton just to be different, since we all know Darwin was confrontational and most of the students will go with that because it is an easy choice.

Plus answer the regular discussion questions for this week’s Module discussing Philosophy and God’s Existence.

The discussion questions are:

1) Based on a process philosophy of Charles Hartsthorne, is God causally responsible in some way for the evil deeds of Humans? What do you think of this opinion?

2) Based on the classical view of Thomas Aquinas, is God causally responsible in some way for the evil deeds of humans? Explain.

3) Of the three major approaches to the question of God’s action in the world, which one, if any, do you think is plausible, reasonable, or possibly correct. If you think none of these approaches is plausible, reasonable, or possibly correct, then why not?

So, lots of thinking and writing and thinking and writing mingled in with the rest of life.

And since Banned Book Week is next week, I am off to find a banned book to add to my Fall Reading Challenge.

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