Well, I spoke too soon yesterday. About 1:00 James headed to the bathroom sick to his stomach. Poor kid! He decided to camp out on the bathroom floor between bouts of hugging the porcelain goddess. I sat with him most of the time. He likes me to hold a cool cloth to his head, hold him, just sit with him. Lots of sympathy...you know. Luna even wandered into the bathroom a couple times, rubbing her head all over his legs. After she started trying to investigate the toilet, we shut the door.

After a while, I left him laying on the floor on his comforter, hoping that he would fall asleep, checking on him periodically About 6:00 I gave him some more Tylenol Cold medicine which made him sleepy. An hour later, I picked him up and put him in bed. He slept for the rest of the evening, waking for a while around 4:00 a.m., then back to sleep until 9:00 this morning. His fever has finally broken, but his throat is still sore. He has managed to keep down water and soup,which is a good sign. I canceled swimming lessons for the day and he is content playing Jumpstart on the computer.

So, while sitting on the floor with my little man, thoughts flashed through my head. My son, now 20 something, living away from home and he gets sick. Will he be wanting his mother to come sit with him, rub a cold cloth on his face, rub his back and hold him, while he dozes by the toilet? Probably.

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  1. Hope your ds is feeling much better now!!

    I came by to tell you I'm loving BYKI Lite -- they have so many more Latin lists then they did before. It is wonderful!



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