Took James to the doctor today. He woke up a couple times during the night sick to his stomach again. Then around 11:00 camped out in the bathroom once more. I made a doctor's appointment, gave him some more Tylenol Cold medicine because knew it suppressed the urge to vomit and made the trip to the doctor.

He has strep throat. She gave him a prescription for amoxicillin, some suppositories and suggested pedialyte to keep him hydrated. As soon as we got home, he laid down on the bathroom floor and went to sleep. Silly kid..I put him in bed and he is sleeping soundly. She took a throat swab, which was no easy matter, because he wanted nothing sticking down his throat that would make him gag. We will have those results back in a day or so, but she is sure because of raspberry mark and puss on his tonsils. So as I drive home, I try to remember -- did we share any water glasses or other stuff over the last few days. I hope not! So while he sleeps, I will be doing some laundry, clean the bathroom, and wash my hands for millionth time.

Life otherwise goes on. I started my Science and Religion class which looks really interesting and already generating some heavy duty conversations. This class will really be eye opening and hopefully help me learn how to better express my beliefs and thinking regarding the whole subject.

The Nikon camera equipment arrived -- at the office. I don't get to see it or play with it until father gets home later tonight. He has already started playing with the camera and testing the various lenses, letting me know how well it works. He is such a tease!

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