I got to meet Susan Wise Bauer!!!

The Classical Christian Home Educators had yesterday and today the 5th annual CCHE seminar with Susan as the only speaker, in Roseville. I was able to go yesterday, but unfortunately couldn’t make it today. Before we all got colds, had planned on dropping James off at the shop to be with Father while I went. However, father wasn’t feeling well so he came home early so I could go.

I got to meet Kate, too but unfortunately missed seeing Robin or Carol from the Well Trained Mind Boards. There were two sessions yesterday in which Susan spoke about The Joy of Classical Education: an introduction to classical education at home and the 2nd session “Home schooling the Second Time” which was basically about what did right and wrong and if had to do it all over again. I actually learned quite a bit and found I may have been getting off course in trying to teach James from a logic stage standpoint in some things, rather than the grammar stage. Jumping ahead of myself, so to speak.

When we first decided to start home schooling, I had no idea where to start. So, first step – research on the internet. I discovered the Well Trained Mind message boards and from there, decided to read Susan’s book Well Trained Mind which is a guide to classical education at home. I can truthfully say Susan’s book and website is what encouraged me to start home schooling. I meet her last night and was able to thank her for showing me the way. She graciously poised for a picture with me, even though she was jet lagged and feeling less than picture worthy at the moment.

I am glad I was able to make it, if only for the one day. Susan is eloquent, humorous and a very down to earth person.

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  1. Well what a blessing! I would love the chance to meet her!

    Glad you were able to attend... even if for the day!



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