Fall into Reading 2007 Challenge

Katrina at Callapidder Days is hosting a fall 2007 reading challenge which will take place of course during Fall which runs from September 23rd through December 21st. The challenge is to make a list of what books you would like to read during Fall and make a commitment to read them.

There are so many books on my bookshelf that I have started, then put down and not gotten back to, so will make a concerted effort to finish them. For years all I read was fiction, science fiction mainly. As I have gotten older, my tastes have changed or maybe I’ve just become more open minded, so have expanded my repertoire to include non fiction and all genres of fiction.

These are the books I have chosen so far. Similar to the ebb and flow of the tides, the list will morph, so check the side bar for current reads. I will be adding as time goes on.


Since I am currently taking a Science and Religion course through Excelsior college, the first book I am going to read is “Jesus of Nazareth” by Pope Benedict VXI. This is the first book he wrote after becoming pope. I have read the first chapter, plus many excerpts which have been printed in the National Catholic Register Newspaper. I gave this book to my dad for his birthday and I don’t think he has finished reading it yet.

The 2nd book is “What the Bleep do we Know, Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering your everyday Realities.” I have already read two or three chapters, but didn’t get back to it. I was trying to answer the questions at the end of each chapter and got bogged down. I have also given the book to my mom and one of my sisters. I know my sister is enjoying it, but I think mom has yet to start.

So…. Mom and dad. Yes, you!!! I am challenging you to finish the books by the end of fall too.

Much of the material from the two books goes along so well with what we are discussing in class so these would be two perfect books to finish.

The 3rd book is “The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible” by A.J. Jacobs. I discovered it on Amazon and thought it looked interesting. The 4th book is “The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life.” Someone on the Well Trained Mind boards turned me on to it. The 5th non fiction book also started but not finished will be a book my mom gave me “The Other Parent: Inside Story of the Media’s Effect on Our Children.”


The 1st is Illuminated by Matt Bronleewe which looks really interesting in which the main character has to save the lives of his loved ones by deciphering a centuries-old puzzle encrypted in the colorful hand-painted illuminations that adorn three rare Gutenberg Bibles. I just finished Fancy Pants by Cathy Marie Hake and thoroughly enjoyed it so decided to read another one of her books so “Letter Perfect” will be my 2nd choice. The 3rd is a science fiction novel: Promises to Keep by Charles De Lint which is being released Sept 25th and is another story following Jilly Coppercorn. I love his books, his writing style and have read the majority of his stories. The last two are companions to A Wrinkle in Time by L’engle: A Wind in the Door" and "A Swiftly Tilting Planet." I was introduced to A Wrinkle in Time during my English literature course, actually enjoyed it and like the characters of Meg and Charles. L'engles books are easy reads and will be able to read each in a couple hours time, so more books will be added later.

So, be sure to check out Callapidder Days, see who else is participating, or participate yourself in the Fall into Reading 2007 Challenge.

I found these three at the local used bookstore and just had to add them

Only the River Runs Free By Bodie Thoene (one of my favorite authors)
The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry (sort of a da vince code knock off)
Silver Tower by Dale Brown (high tech thriller and one of my favorite authors)

9/30/07 Changes

Amazon has advised me that the Year of Living Biblically is not available yet, which in amazon speak usually means I won't get it. So taking that off the list.

Adding 4 more books:
Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald - in honor of banned books week
The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck ih honor of banned books week
Holy Yoga Exercise for the Christian Body and Soul by Brooke Boon: A fellow blogger, Rachelle of Seek First His Kingdom helped the author with the book.
Genesis of Shannara Book 2 : The Elves of Cintra by Terry Brooks (I love Terry Brooks)


  1. Enjoy your fall reading. Your list sounds very interesting...

  2. Good idea!
    I'm reading Shadow Hawk now, just because my studen tis :-)
    We put on the Bronze Bow audiotape books at night, but I can't stay awak longer than a paragraph. I suppose I'll have to Actually-Read that one next :-)

  3. Now that seems like a challenging list! Happy reading!

  4. I loved A Wrinkle in Time, but haven't yet read the sequels. Maybe I should add them to my reading list, but it's already so long.

  5. I love L'Engle's whole series. A Wind in the Door was probably my favorite, but I really enjoyed all of them, and need to read them again one of these days. Thanks for being part of Fall into Reading!

  6. I've been wanting to read The Templare Legacy; I seem to really like reading these Da Vinci spinoffs, no matter how silly they are :P

  7. Great reading list! Happy reading. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Okay, I did it again. I read your challenge list, and had to add books to my Amazon wishlist. :-) It happens every time I participate in a reading challenge. I think I might really enjoy Illuminated. Also, I loved A Wrinkle in Time, so I think I'll add Madeline L'engle. She recently passed away, and I was so saddened by the news. I'm adding all three of these books to my Amazon list, as well. Thanks for stopping by to check out my list, and making such kind comments about my blog. Have a great fall, and enjoy your books. I hope you'll post reviews, because I would love to read them.


  9. Now that's a fall reading challenge list! Enjoy reading them! I'll be looking forward to your reviews. May have add some of them to my "one day" list.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  10. LOL at all of your additions to your list...I've added to mine four times:-)

  11. Wow! Your list keeps growing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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