Ahoy, me hearties......it is international talk like a pirate day!

Arrrg! Shiver me timbers and grab some grog and dance smartly, me buccos!

We are halfway through the week and James and I are recovering from our colds. Our energy still hasn’t returned completely and we still have the random wet cough which makes everyone around you just want to cross their fingers at you and run away! Father is mid way through his cold and just hit the low point Sunday and Monday. James missed his swimming lessons last week and we decided to cancel this week as well. He had decided he is done with swimming lessons for now, so we didn’t sign him up for more. The swim club was nice enough to keep the lessons on the books, so when he is ready to continue later, he has 6 lessons already paid for.

Father gave up on going to the San Francisco AES Annual meeting yesterday, because he wasn’t feeling up to driving there. God was telling us something yesterday because Father was sick, the air conditioning at work was having issues and my car went kaput.

About 10 minutes after arriving at the shop, S from the neighboring business came in to tell me my car was leaking antifreeze and in a big way. Well, the leak didn’t stop…it dripped all day, so had the car towed to the dealer. Father and James came and picked me up, we stopped by the dealer to leave the keys and note in the after hours slot and headed home. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn’t major.

We are continuing to unschool this week since none of us have the energy. We watched the 1971 movie Andromeda Strain which is based on the novel by Michael Crichton. I love his books. It’s about a satellite crashing in New Mexico and it had an alien virus on board which killed all the inhabitants of the town, except for an old man and a baby. The scientist have to race against the clock to stop the virus from spreading. James actually enjoyed the movie, twice. His explanation of the movie: it’s about an alien virus that turns your blood into powder and pffft, you’re gone, goodbye!

Yo Ho Ho, Castin’ off my matey’s… All landlubbers and lilylivered walk the plank.

Capn Yvette Burntbeard of the good ship, The Horrible Strumpet

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