Home school Science Project: Bye Froggy

Well, Herbie, one of our frogs died Wednesday.

Both the frogs generally hide out in the little cave of their habitat whenever we are about. I hardly ever see them out in the daytime. Well, Wednesday, Herbie was out and about. I put in some crickets and noticed a couple of them were way too big for the frogs to eat. We buy small size crickets and they triple in size within a week. Doesn’t matter if you forget to feed them, they just keep on growing.

So, I pulled out the large cricket (easier said than done) and Herbie went into her fake death mode. I don’t know if you have ever seen a frog fake that they are dead, but it is amazing. The frog flips over on its back; starts jerking like having death spasms, then goes still, with her legs stretched out.

Anyway, she does this, but I can see she is still breathing. Generally this lasts a few minutes, and then when you aren’t looking, they go back to hiding. So, a little while later, I came back into the kitchen and she is in the same position, but I can’t see her breathing. Hmm! 

Godzilla, the other frog, came out once to swim around and nudge her, seeming pretty freaked out. James and I were pretty sure she was dead, but left her until Father came home. By the time, Father came home that night, she still had not moved. After I went to bed, Father said Godzilla kept coming out and nudging Herbie trying to get her to move.

Come morning, we knew she was gone. I handed her to James and he did the honors of giving her a porcelain send off. Now there is one…..

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