Family LIfe: Dinner with Friends

We had J and J over for dinner last night for rack of lamb, salad with some of their garden fresh veggies and french bread. Father opened a bottle of 2004 Chateau Pichon Longueville Bordeaux, but unfortunately it was still a little young and rough tasting. He has really spoiled me with the good aged wines. We celebrated their engagement....he surprised her by proposing at their high school reunion.
After dinner, James turned off all the lights in the house. We took pictures in the dark and they actually came out remarkably well.

We also played around with shining the flashlight in our faces, pretending to be ghosts. James request, of course...and which he wants to repeat tonight!!!!!

I just finished writing my 5 question essay final for my oceanography class and have submitted it. So far, I am getting an A in the class and will be happy with whatever I get on the final. It was an interesting class, but am I glad it is over.

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