Family Life: Swimming and Anniversaries

Happy Kid

Happy instructor !!!

James told D yesterday during his swimming lesson "When I grow up, I am going to marry you!" Of course, a couple weeks ago he was saying "When I grow up, I am going to marry Paris Hilton!" Hah!

This is going to be a fun week. Our 10th anniverary is Thursday the 23rd and Father's Birthday is Saturday the 25th. We have arranged to take off from work for those days. Usually, we take the whole week off...but since we may be going to New York in October (keep your fingers and legs crossed)...decided not to.

While I was trying to figure out what to give Father for our anniversary, looked up what the traditional gift is for the 10th. Tin and aluminum! Who made up these lists ...must have been a man! hee hee. Well, I am considering buying a new barbecue for Father...certainly some part of it must be made of tin or aluminum.

I will be going out Sunday before food shopping to check out various grills....already have a brand in mind, but James has a tendency to give secrets away and reads my blog, so mums the word for now.

And no, the grill can't be applied as a birthday present. I promised Father when we got married that would never combine birthday and anniversary presents. So far have kept that promise and don't plan on breaking it now.

James graciously told me the other day he is 8 now and ready to get dressed up in his suit and go out for a nice anniversary dinner with Father and I. When I told Father about this, he looked at me oddly for a few moments......then asked where we were going? Still thinking about this one. We have a kid sitter for Saturday night, so don't plan on it for our anniversary. When we don't have a kid sitter, we arrange for dinner to be delivered through Wonderful restaurant service that arranges to pickup and deliver lunch and dinner from nice local restaurants. However....

Saturday, we are going to the Pyramid Alehouse downtown for the Audio Engineering Society Event. Father is vice chairman of the Sacramento group and this will be the first official Event...they are hoping to get a lot of the San Francisco group here to help celebrate and formally announce the officers. They would have to have it on his birthday! So, we have a kid sitter for Saturday night and we will either celebrate Father's birthday Friday or Sunday.

At least Father will get to go with us to James swimming lesson on Friday. We have been video taping or digitally taping them, rather, to share with father. Plus, have been able to review with James and give him constructive feedback.. which is really helping by the way.

Oh! James decided to continue with his swimming lessons, so we signed up for another month. Yeah!

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