Question of the Day: What does our school room look like?

Folks have been asking to see what our school room looks like. We don't actually have a school room per say...everything is set up in our kitchen dining area. We have a rather small house - approximately 1100 square feet. So I turned our eating area of our kitchen into our school nook.

This is my desk - the command center. I also have a laptop computer which use more than the desktop. Father uses the desktop most frequently. The poster above the printer is "Fruits of the Spirit"

Our schedules for the next 4 months which include all birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, bills due, appointments, events, school schedule, when business taxes are due, etc. James daily schedule for the current week is just beneath... He loves his schedule and checking off everything when the day is done. So, he is constantly reminding me all weekend to write up the new schedule for the new week.

The map wall. We have the United States and the World map with a compass rose in between. You can't tell from the pictures, but we have stickers all over the maps indicating where people live, where we have traveled, the geographical setting of books we have read. Underneath the world map is a poster of addition tables and a homemade poster of the Scientific Method.

Close up of all the books we are using this year

This is James computer, plus a bookcase with science, crafts, and math stuff.

The banner over the computer is Camp MacHaven: Training facility for God's Special Forces which is from "Lord, Teach Me to Pray, For Kids".

On the bulletin board is a poster of James goal, schedule and school calendar. James goal is to go to space camp and you have to be 9 and have finished the 4th he is working towards that goal.

The schedule which is always a work in progress being changed and tweaked as time goes on. We don't have times because Father and I have different teaching styles, I am a morning person, he is a night person and James seems to be a combo. We have a checklist of things to do for the day and James checks them off once completed.

And that is it...pretty compact, but works for us.

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