Family Vacation: Thursday May 17 - Oatman, Arizona

We headed up to Oatman, an old mining town on Route 66 and home to “wild” burros that wander the town. The burros’ are the descendants of burro's brought here by miners and when no longer needed were turned loose. There were a couple baby burros which you are asked not to feed.

The rest of the burros are rather greedy however and will practically knock you over or follow you up on the porch to get a carrot.

The Ghost Rider Gunslingers hanging out by the Oatman hotel were very interesting. One “Cowboy” told us about his experiences as a wrangler on trail drives. When James expressed interest in their guns, one handed a gun to James, at which both Father and I started stuttering, talking and gesturing at the same time. They quickly assured us it was a prop gun and not to worry. James received a lesson about gun safety after this picture.

We had lunch at the historic Oatman Hotel where they have thousands of dollar bills (many signed) tacked to the walls. Supposedly, there is approximately $60,000 worth of bills handing on the walls.

We had fun feeding the burros and exploring the town. Father bought himself a sexy black cowboy hat.

Friday, we took it easy. Grandpa, Father and James went fishing but unfortunately didn't catch anything. Then we all went shopping at wally world to get supplies for our trip to Williams and the Grand Canyon.

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