Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, sisters, sisters in laws and every mom in the world.

Being a mother has been such a blessing. You suddenly see the world and get to experience it through new, unbiased, innocent eyes. What an awesome experience that is. Everything we take for granted is embraced, unwrapped, mulled over and absorbed by a child. I don't know if you have a child like mine, but James takes it in, analyzes, questions and questions until he has it figured out. Or he may get what we call "the Winston Churchill" look on his face and go away to mull it over and ask questions later. You can "see" the wheels turning, trying to wrap his mind around something. Through the eyes of a child, you learn to experience life and not just walk through it blindly.

What was my mother's day like? It was very relaxing and I didn't have to do any dishes. Hee Hee. I went to Gottschalks and bought some shorts and a nice new wallet. I decided instead of Father cooking a roast and yorkshire pudding, which we seem to have every special occasion, I wanted Chinese food. My guys are meat and potato lovers and will rarely eat anything mexican or chinese, which I love. So I stopped by Bel Air's Hot Wok while grocery shopping and picked up some Honey BBQ Ribs, pot stickers, shrimp won ton, and broccolli beef. Dad fixed some rice, which turned out perfect. My guys gamely ate some of everything...James even tried the shrimp won ton and liked it. It was all delicious and we all said "YEEHAW"

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