Homeschool: First Language Lessons - Godzilla versus Aguilas by James

We are getting to the end of First Language Lessons. The lesson for today was dictation. I was supposed to be dictating something to James and he write it down. However, since James loves to make up stories, usually consisting of various elements of movies or books, he dictated a story to me.

Godzilla versus Aguilas by James

It was a bright summer morning in Tokyo. A bird perched on a tree sang sweetly. On the ship, the people were making music. Just then, I saw some strange monster rising out the sea. "What is that?" said the Captain. "Don't Worry" I said, "It is just Godzilla." "Hi Godzilla," I said. "Roooaaaarrrr" said Godzilla, "I have some bad news to tell you." "What bad news" I asked. "Well" said Godzilla, "Aguilas is attacking Osaka and we must stop him."

"Okay" I said to Godzilla, starting up the ship and racing towards Osaka with Godzilla.

When we get there, Aguilas saw the ship and let out a loud "Rooooaaaaarrrrr!"
Godzilla, with a loud loud roar jumped on the end of Aguilas's tail. With one loud chomp, Godzilla cut off Aguilas's tail. Aguilas jumped and leaped to his feet. With a blast of fire, Godzilla killed Aguilas. Okaka was safe and Godzilla had won.

The End.

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