Science Project: Planet Frog

James got a gift certificate for Toys R Us during Christmas. As we are walking through the store, he discovers “Planet Frog”.

I ask him if this is what he really wants. Yes! So we purchase it and send in the certificate for two tadpoles. Father thought I was nuts for buying tadpoles, when we could have gotten them out of a pond. However, after all the ant, butterfly, and lady bug habitats that we have been through in the past couple years, he came round.

The tadpoles arrive after the cold snap is over so they don’t freeze in the mail. They are about 3 weeks old and very little. Since one is very skittish, James names him Godzilla. The other one is sort of calm and quiet, so it gets named Herbie. (as is Herbie the love bug). I am beginning to think we have a male and female on our hands. After doing some research about Leopard frogs and finding out they have a life span of 6 – 9 years, we will be making a terrarium with a removable pond for them.

Godzilla has recently sprouted his back legs, but Herbie doesn’t seem to be in any rush. We have been feeding them a special tadpole food provided by Planet Frog. Once they finish morphing into frogs and lose their tales, we get to feed them live crickets. Yep!

Hmm…do I sense a science experiment in the works? Just kidding!!!

Life is interesting!

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