Question of the Day: Mom, who is the Easter bunny?

James asks "Mom,who is the Easter Bunny?

I take a breath, trying to decide how to explain to my analytical son and if I want to explain or debunk it. I make the decision.

Honey, "he is a spirit". Part of God. Remember Easter is all about Jesus and his sacrifice.

Mom, who hides the eggs. You or the Easter bunny. Are they in the closet?

Um. Making things up on the fly (I hate lying when we are supposed to be teaching them to tell the truth)

"Yes, they are in the closet. I put stuff in them and put them out. We hide our eggs. The Easter bunny will bring you something for your basket."

Later that night, while I am watching tv and he is supposed to be asleep. He calls his father into the bedroom. I hear "easter bunny" and the murmur of voices for a while.

Father comes out and says James has figured out who the easter bunny is. Go talk to him.

" Mom - the easter bunny is an angel!!!"
(Okay, I can live with that) Where are the eggs mom? Are they in your closet?"

Treading lightly. "Yes, they are. Want me to put stuff in them and put them out for the easter bunny to hide?

James: Yes!

me: "Okay - go to sleep. I love you"

Childhood dreams are still intact. Motherhood is interesting.


  1. Motherhood isn't for sissies! Always a tough thing to handle these things with integrity....

    This is the first Christmas we've had where there won't be any visits to Santa...

    and I'M the one who's sad about it :/.

    Robin @ PENSIEVE


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