News of the Day: Pull Your Pants Up


I just had to say it. It's has been festering for so long.

I'm am getting so tired of seeing members of the male persuasion running around with their pants belted around their thighs and underwear showing for all to see. What is the purpose? Don’t they know they look like penguins? I watch these guys waddling down the street, one hand holding up their pants as they walk around and they really remind me of penguins.

Do they really think it is sexy or cool? Someone please enlighten me as to what the fascination is.

Why do you want to waddle like a penguin with your pants crotch hanging down to your knees?

Thanks! I feel better now.

1 comment:

  1. My hubby wears his pants pulled up so high that we tease him.
    My daughter is the one wno needs to be told to 'pull your pants up!'
    For modesty sake! :o)


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