Blossom Challenge Reads

2018 Reads 

Blossom Bookology Challenge


C: Genevieve Cogman - The Masked City (fantasy) 
H: Thor Heyerdahl - Kon Tiki  (NF)
R: Robyn Cadwallader - The Anchoress (historical)
Y: Rick Yancey -  The Infinite Sea (fantasy)
S: Sharon Kay Penman - The Sunne in Splendor (historical)
A: Anna Richland - His Road Home (military romance) 
N: Natalie Goldberg - Writing Down the Bones (NF)
T: Thomas Merton - Thoughts in Solitude (NF) 
H: Mark Helprin - A Soldier of the Great War (WWI historical)
E: Emma Hamm - Silver Blood (Paranormal)
M: Haruki Murakami - Hear the Wind Sing/Pinball (literary)
U: Lisa Unger - Beautiful Lies (Mystery)
M: Haruki Murakami - A Wild Sheep Chase (literary)


R:  J.D. Robb - Dark in Death (Futuristic)
O:  Melissa Olson - Dead Spots (Paranormal)
S:  John Sandford- Secret Prey -  (Detective)
E:  Jennifer Estep - Bitter bite (Paranormal)

March (Clover)

C: Chosen - K.F. Breene (fantasy)
L:  Louise Penny - Glass Houses (mystery)
O: The Overlook - Michael Connolly (crime detective)
V: Carrie Vaughn - Discord's Apple (paranormal)
E: Elizabeth the First Wife - Lian Dolan (Literary fiction)
R: Rachel Caine - Ill Wind (paranormal)

April (Mountain Aven)

A:  Atlantis Fallen - C.E.Murphy (Paranormal)
V:  Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher (Suspense)
E:  Black Echo - Michael Connolly (Mystery) 
N: Nerd's Pocket Pets - D.R. Grady (Romance)

May (Lily)

L: Laura Kinsale - Flowers from the Storm (Historical)
I:  Innocence - Dean Koontz (Thriller) 
L: Lake Silence - Anne Bishop  (Paranormal)
Y: I Found You - Lisa Jewell  (Mystery)

June (Tulip)

The Golden Tulip - Rosalind Laker (historical Amsterdam, 578, e)

July (Edelweiss):

E: Elephant Keepers Daughter - Julia Drosten
D: The Art of Deception - Nora Roberts (Romantic suspense)
E:  Jennifer Estep - Unraveled (Paranormal)
L:  Luke - Barbara Freethy (Romance)
W: Where Dreams are Born - M.L. Buchman (Romance)
E:  Jennifer Estep - Snared (Paranormal)
I:  Ice Hunt - James Rollins (Antarctic, thriller)
S:  Where There's Smoke-Susan May Warren (Romance)
S:  Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne (Regency) 

August (Jasmine)

J: James Rollins - Demon Crown 
A: Ash and Quill - Rachel Caine
S: Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch
M: Midnight Curse - Melissa Olson
I: Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine
N: Nora Roberts - Leverage in Death

September (Lotus)

L:  Peter the Latvian - Georges Simenon (Detective)
O:  Nalini Singh -  Ocean Light, #2 Psy/Changling Trinity (e)
T:  The Cozy Tea Shop in the Castle - Caroline Roberts (Romance)
U:  Unfit - Keri Arthur (Paranormal)
S:  Shelter in Place - Nora Roberts (Suspense)

October (Marigold)

November (Daisy)

December (Holly)  Last Chance Christmas Ball - Word Wenches 

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