A to Z Poetry: Age


No longer babies, no longer teens.
Perceiving things by different means
I see blues. You see greens.
You. Me. Us. Friends.

We'll never see eye to eye, If you don't 
let me grow up, if I don't let you fly.
You can't say you know more than me
We each experience life very oppositely

I tell the truth. You tell me I lie. 
then don't understand when
 I walk away 
with a sigh. 

You leave, I grieve. 
You return, I accept.
Never demanding to hear
the words you'd expect.

Different spaces, different places.
We are so far apart.
not quite reading the same pages.
Still in each other's heart.

Where did the time go?
No need to apologize.
We bounce in and out
and try see through each other's eyes.

Middle age, no longer children.
Both busy, both immersed
Crossing t's and dotting i's
Embroiled in our daily lives.

We love. We laugh. We try.
Maybe when we are ninety
old and spry
We'll be able to see eye to eye


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