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When you are describing,
A shape, or sound, or tint;
Don't state the matter plainly,
But put it in a hint;
And learn to look at all things,
With a sort of mental squint.
~Lewis Carroll

In 2007, I began My Two Blessings to practice and improve my writing skills while I talked about homeschooling and a potpourri of life.  Now I've come full circle back to working on the craft of writing as I hit a slump the past couple years and lost my muse.   I found her again, so on my 10th anniversary of becoming a blogger, I decided a major change and/or reboot is in order.  

My handwriting tends to looks like words scrawling across a page, scribbles leaning left or right, barely readable since I started dabbling with morning pages and let myself bleed all over the page.  I don't necessarily plan on bleeding on these pages. However,  as I work together with my muse to put my imagination, my life into words, we'll see how it goes. Scrolls because books are my life.  Why speculation?  Some days I just need to contemplate, whether thinking about writing, reading and whatever pops into my head and  I think best when letting it all flow from my hands to the page or keyboard.  

I’m an avid reader and reading is as necessary as breathing. I get rather crotchety without my books. Writing is different since I came to it so late in life. It’s a choice, a love, a desire. I don’t need to write, I want to write. Writing is a never ending process of learning and growing. After years of writing business letters, reports and briefs, I discovered that once I started putting pen to paper, I had an excuse to daydream. I’ve been writing for several years, but I don’t have anything published…yet!

I wrangle three fur babies, one electronic's genius of a husband and one very imaginative 17 year old. I assist my husband with our mom and pop audio repair shop, and/or homeschooling our teen who is voracious writer and currently in 11th grade.  I also am the host of the online annual reading challenge - Read 52 Books in 52 Week

Pull up a chair and join me in a bottle of wine, a hot mug of tea  or a cup of my husband's special roasted coffee,  while we chat about Scrawls, Scrolls and Speculations.
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